Gosport Passivhaus Homes


15 affordable homes designed to the Passivhaus Standard.

Client: Gosport Borough Council

Status: Planning

Specialisation: Passivhaus

These new developments for Gosport Borough Council provide 15 affordable Passivhaus homes as bungalows and 2 and 3 storey terraced housing. Designed to the Passivhaus Standard, these homes are set across three sites, and united by their modern architecture which provides an interpretation of a traditional home.

The material strategy for these homes was informed by the local architecture in Gosport. The traditional pitched roof form and use of brick and clay was contemporised with hidden gutters, feature brick detailing, standing seam zinc roofs and projecting aluminium canopies. The asymmetric pitch of the roofs, whilst adding creativity to the site, also allows for a larger surface area for photovoltaic panels and sky lights.

The fabric first approach to each of the site developments has made the homes very energy efficient, drastically reducing their energy usage and minimise running costs for future residents.

The energy efficiency of the homes on each of the sites has been achieved through their form factor and orientation, maintaining airtightness, optimised solar gains, continuous thermal envelope, high performance windows and doors, renewables (PVs), minimised thermal bridging, and the use of compact units which offer energy-efficient heating / tempered air, hot water and ventilation.


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