Our Services

An overview of who we are and what we do

We are an award winning practice specialising in the design of low energy, low environmental impact buildings, cost effectively and to the highest quality standards.

A rich history, built from the ground up
ECD Architects was established in 1980 with a focus upon sustainability as Energy Conscious Design. Today we have offices in London, Preston and Glasgow, and employ 60+ staff. Our projects range in value from £100k to £100m and span the sectors. These can be illustrated by our current and recently completed projects in:

  • New build housing
  • Refurbishment & Retrofit
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Schools & Higher Education
  • Community & Leisure

Always looking to the future...
ECD clients encompass local authorities and government departments, housing associations and developers, charitable trusts, public and private companies. ECD commissions cover the full range of architectural services to include:

  • Capacity and feasibility studies
  • Phased master plans
  • Concept development and detailed design
  • Planning Submissions
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Oversight of on-site construction
  • Completion and post completion review

We maintain a strong team of designers, technicians and specialists with a wide range of experience and knowledge of a range of building modelling, analytical, project management and monitoring programmes, as well as, Revit Certified Professionals to oversee each project’s quality management and ensure each is implemented in line with BIM standards.

Beyond the quality of our architecture, we add value to our service delivery by providing in house:

  • BIM (Management & Training)
  • Passivhaus & EnerPHit
  • Retrofit Coordination
  • Post Occupancy and Building Performance Evaluations
  • Energy Assessments
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments

For example, we are currently working with clients providing the following BIM services:

  • BIM Guidance and project management
  • EIR and BEP development
  • BIM Performance analysis
  • Information Management
  • Task Team Management
  • Model Asset Management

Whether refurbishment or new build construction, our projects are undertaken with a fabric first approach which extensively improves the building thermal envelope with internal and external insulation, insulated doors and windows.

With 40+ years of experience providing award winning, sustainable design, we afford our clients a comprehensive knowledge of relevant, cost effective measures that provide measurable benefits drawn from the most current and up to date methods of energy and environmental conservation.

Our Approach

How we do what we do


ECD Architects are a founding partner of the Passivhaus Trust.

ECD BIM Services

We have extensive experience working for the implementation of BIM with clients throughout the UK.