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Decarbonising existing buildings and making them warmer

ECD Architects are industry leaders in retrofit with a long history of reducing the energy use of buildings, making them more comfortable and rejuvenating them.

We have experience of retrofit at all scales from individual homes, to large tower blocks, to strategic studies of whole estates of education buildings. As the need to decarbonise has gained prominence, we have helped many clients understand the practical implications of this. We have sorted larger estates of homes and of non-domestic buildings into archetypes, to reduce the number of buildings we need to look at in detail.

Creating energy models of these buildings allows us to clearly show where energy is being used, and make proposals to reduce this. We then work with clients to integrate the retrofit proposals with planned maintenance, informing long term planning and reducing additional costs. From this plan we can establish whole life cost and carbon trajectories for phased retrofit solutions.

We have upskilled staff to give a strong cross-company understanding of how buildings use energy, as well as the specific requirements of PAS 2035 and PAS 2038. Our Retrofit Designers know what is needed to create compliant, buildable designs, and are used to working within these frameworks at scale.

The practical experience of delivering retrofits on site, with residents and building users in situ on many projects, feeds back into our work, ensuring that people are at the heart of what we do. This combination of technical understanding and design flair leads to retrofitted buildings that feel as good as new, but also look as good as new.

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ECD Architects are a founding partner of the Passivhaus Trust

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