Our BIM Consultancy Services

Supporting our Architectural and Client Teams

We have been working with our clients since 2014 for the implementation of BIM within their organisations and on their projects and in 2019 our BIM consultancy services won the Constructing Excellence Digital Construction award for the support we provided Westminster City Council in the development of their BIM implementation strategy for Social housing using our Ashbridge Street project as a BIM pilot scheme.

“Implementing change to support a joined-up approach in achieving a common goal.”

Our BIM Expertise.
ECD Architects is a BIM Level 2 certified business. This certification provides assurance that we deliver within a BIM environment and our BIM processes and procedures are aligned to BIM guidelines.

We provide our clients with a dedicated BIM consultant with industry knowledge to guide them through the process. All ECD BIM consultants are trained in the construction industry with practical experience, a love of design solutions and smart workflows.

Our Client's needs determine the length and scope of the consultancy services. We support the delivery of projects from start to finish, and provide packages of services to help our Clients to establish a BIM presence.

We reassure clients that they are in good hands by showing our capabilities:
We have a strong Client list and track record and our approach is always based on tried and tested methods.

We are not just about Tech; we understand design and construction.
All of our team are qualified within the construction fields with experience working on new build and refurbishment projects across the sectors. We realise our solutions must drive improvements in information management. It’s an important part of our success.

We communicate BIM without talking in a BIM language.
Our Clients find we are all open, approachable and can communicate at all levels. We will cut through the “tech talk”, breaking it down into easily understandable concepts.

Our Services:

  • BIM Consultancy
  • Client BIM Information Managers
  • Project BIM Information Managers

Project Examples