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ECD Architects BIM Consultancy Services

Our BIM Consultancy Services

“Implementing change to support a joined-up approach in achieving a common goal.”

ECD Architects have been working with pubic sector clients over the last 7 years implementing BIM within their organisations and on their social housing projects.

From our Partnership with Westminster City Council, we have won the digital construction awards for our BIM implementation strategy for Social housing.

ECD Architects BRE BIM Level 2 Certification

As a BIM certificated business, we are able to demonstrate to our clients that we have been on our own BIM journey and our focus is on People, Process and Technology.

The BRE BIM Level 2 certification provides assurance that we deliver competently within a BIM environment and aligned to BIM guidelines.

Once we come on board, our clients work with a dedicated BIM consultant with industry knowledge who guides them through the process. All ECD BIM consultants are trained in the construction industry with practical experience and a love of design solutions and smart workflows.

Our Client's needs decide the length and scope of the consultancy services. We help our clients all the way through a project and provide packages of services to help them establish a BIM presence.

We aim to reassure clients that there in good hands by showing our capabilities:
Our client list and track record speaks for itself; we know what we are doing and can back it up with extensive experience. Our approach is always based on tried and tested methods.

We aim to reassure clients that we are not just about Tech; we understand design and construction:
All of our team are qualified within the construction fields. We’ve worked on projects for most of our careers and still do. We realise our solutions must drive improvements in information management. It’s an important part of our success.

We aim to reassure clients that we communicate BIM without talking in a BIM language.
Our Clients find we are all open, approachable and can communicate at all levels. We will cut through the “tech talk”, breaking it down into easily understandable concepts.

Our Services:

  • BIM Consultancy
  • Client BIM Information Managers
  • Project BIM Information Managers

Project Examples

Tops Club
Solomon's Passage

What is BIM?

BIM is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

What is BIM?

Additional BIM Services

Thanks to our sister company Keegans, our BIM services can expand to include quantity surveyors, asset managers, project managers, principal designers and building surveyors.

Keegans BIM Services

Park East

New build estate regeneration providing 320 new homes across 5 blocks

Project Example

Denning Point

Recladding of a 23-storey residential block with non-combustible materials

Project Example

Ashbridge Street

Redevelopment of site to provide new 26 affordable homes in Westminster

Project Example

Highbury College

The Tower – a 10-storey block providing education facilities &student accommodation

Project Example