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ECD Architects: Design Ethos, Philosophy and Approach

For us, our designs should be a contemporary response to people and place and, at its best, should be progressive and transformative. Our work engages with the culture of our age, focusing on narrative architecture that is meaningful, functional, accessible. We pursue a pragmatic, analytical and open working method that produces responsive, intelligent architecture.

Concern for the global environment and climatic conditions is a central influence on all of our designs. We consider that our buildings, their construction and operation should have minimum effect on the environment. All of our buildings are designed as a “light touch” minimising impact on the environment through sustainable design, employing innovative construction and operational techniques, minimising embodied energy, energy consumption and Carbon dioxide emissions during the build, reducing energy consumption and Carbon dioxide emissions post occupation.


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Vision and Values

Our vision is to become a leading provider of professional property consultancy services to clients in the public and private sectors. We aim to become the partner of choice for clients and the employer of choice for staff.

Vision and Values