Our Approach

An overview of how we do what we do

Our approach begins with a strategy, not a design solution. This strategy arises from understanding the fundamental drivers of a brief and the parameters, problems and opportunities it represents. It includes a rich definition of context in political, economic, social and architectural terms.

For us, our designs should be a contemporary response to people & place and, at its best, should be progressive and transformative.

Our work engages with the culture of our age, focusing on narrative architecture that is meaningful, functional, accessible.

As demonstrated in our recent Tops Club project, we pursue a pragmatic, analytical and open working method that produces responsive, intelligent architecture.

Concern for the global environment and climatic conditions is a central influence on all of our designs. We consider that our buildings, their construction and operation should have minimum effect on the environment.

All of our buildings are designed as a “light touch” minimising impact on the environment through sustainable design, employing innovative construction and operational techniques, minimising embodied energy, energy consumption and CO2 emissions during the build, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions post occupation.

On all our projects, we research, listen and work collaboratively with the client, stakeholders and end users to create buildings with a warm, welcoming, safe environment.

We employ a collaborative design process which can inform and can be fun, recently embracing the “Lean Design” principle with workshop participation. We embrace a holistic approach offering consistency of service and attention to detail.

As architects, we listen
Our approach, methodology to any project embraces the partnering ethos with full consultation and input from the outset.

A light touch approach which is sustainable, agile and responsive to change to reflect advances in built form, infrastructure, technology services and infrastructure.

The project development and the understanding of the clients’ objectives are at the heart of design excellence; our detailed whole team approach reflects this.

Our Services

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ECD Architects are a founding partner of the Passivhaus Trust.

ECD BIM Services

We have extensive experience working for the implementation of BIM with clients throughout the UK.