Denning Point

Tower Hamlets

Denning Point was a fire remediation project involving the de-cladding & recladding of a residential tower.

Location: Tower Hamlets

Client: EastEnd Homes

Project Value: £3m

Status: Complete

Specialisation: Fire remediation cladding removal and replacement.

Denning Point contains 22 storeys of accommodation with 81 social housing Units. It was originally built in the 1960’s and was later clad with ACM in 2014. After investigations following the events of Grenfell Tower, the cladding at Denning Point was found to be combustible and therefore non-compliant with the current building regulations. We were therefore appointed to provide multi-disciplinary professional services in respect of the building’s de-cladding and re-cladding works.  

Due to the implementation of a waking watch one of the key priorities was to remove the combustible materials as soon as possible to make the building safe and remove the need for the waking watch, which was a huge expense to leaseholders and the housing association. It was therefore decided to carry out the project in two separate phases, to allow the de-cladding to be carried out in unison with the re-cladding design work.  

The ACM cladding system was fully removed and replaced with a solid aluminium cladding system inclusive of new support rails, mineral wool insulation and fire barriers at all separating walls, floor and around the perimeter of windows. As the building had not long undergone significant regeneration works, both the client and the local authority were keen for the building to retain its appearance.  

One key change we made to the appearance of the cladding was the colour of the window reveals which were originally dark grey. As we were increasing the depth of the façade to accommodate the increased depth of insulation we wanted to ensure that no natural light was lost. We therefore decided to use a silver window reveal to match the horizontal banding at floor levels. This helped natural light to bounce into the properties, improving overall lighting levels.  

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