Ashbridge Street


Our Ashbridge Street project for Westminster City Council was winner of the Constructing Excellence Digital Construction Award.

Location: Westminster

Client: Westminster City Council

Project Value: £8m

Status: Completed

Specialisation: Placemaking / BIM

Ashbridge Street provides 26 affordable new build homes as 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats over 5 storeys to meet the local housing need and off-set a development of private homes for sale on the next street.  

This was a challenging project as the site includes a BT facility, ramp access to underground parking and is surrounded on all sides by further housing. Our designs therefore cantilever the new homes over the existing BT facility, and re-locate the parking ramp within the site to create an improved external environment.  

To maximise its floor area, the building is set on the back of the pavement and the balconies on this façade have been recessed. Together with the retained BT facility, this creates an interesting stepped façade to the street.  

The homes are designed with excellent building fabric and MVHR units which, together with photovoltaic panels on the roof, reduce the building’s carbon emissions. Wires for climbing plants have been fixed to the walls and the revitalised courtyard has been designed to have mature trees planted in the pit left by the relocated vehicle ramp. 


  • Winner: Constructing Excellence Awards – Digital Construction Award  
  • Shortlisted: London Construction Awards – Excellence in BIM / Digital Construction Award  


Photos by: Agnese Sanvito


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