Isabella Woolley

Architectural Assistant

Isabella Woolley joined ECD Architects in 2022, and has since been working on a wide range of projects. This includes new build projects, and also retrofit; both at feasibility level and RIBA Stage 4. She is currently working on a Passivhaus new-build scheme of 20+ units, which is helping her to development her knowledge of Passivhaus and sustainable project outcomes. Sustainability is a key focus for Isabella; including exploring low-carbon materials, how to design for low operational energy, and how to achieve social value outcomes.

Isabella completed her Masters of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, in 2019. Her master’s thesis researched how to design for inhabitation of the New Zealand coastline, whilst leaving a low negative impact on the environment. Isabella has had several years work experience in New Zealand at a large multi-disciplinary consultancy, working on educational, industrial and commercial projects, both new build and retrofits