South Street Homes


South Street is a new build development of 32 homes. It was constructed on a derelict site on the outskirts of Lochgelly as a continuation of the regeneration of the town.

Location: Lochgelly

Client: Ore Valley Housing Association

Project Value: £3m

Specialisation: South Street, Lochgelly, includes supported accommodation for Altzheimer’s society

The development at South Street is integral to the overall regeneration f Lochgelly as the site is viewed as a gateway to future development from the existing town structure to the periphery areas to the south. Site permeability, linkages and security were fundamental to the design as we worked in close consultation with the local authority to ensure any future development would not be prohibited by the provision of the new dwellings.

Phase 1 of the works consisted of six mainstream 2 storey terraced houses, and two 4-in-a-block units which provided four mainstream and four amenity dwellings. In addition to the amenity housing provided, one of the ground floor flats within a 4-in-a-block unit also contained supported accommodation, designed with the flexibility to enable the close support of a carer, while still offering the privacy of living accommodation as required to suit the needs of the tenant.

Phase 2 consists of 18 flatted dwellings over three storeys. The layout of the ground floor flats are focussed around ease of access, and variations of room arrangement in each dwelling offer a flexibility to meet user tenant needs. A number of flats provide open plan living and kitchen accommodation, and the design intent for the structure of the building allows for the future removal of top floor internal partitions as required by the client.

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