Zero Carbon Regeneration of a Grade B Dalintober Estate.

Location: Campbeltown

Client: Argyll Community Housing Association

Status: Planning

We were appointed by the Argyll Community Housing Association to lead a project for a Zero Carbon Regeneration of a Grade B Dalintober Estate. The design creates Net Zero Homes, using Smart Technology, while ensuring health and wellbeing of residents, through natural lighting, flexibility and adaptability of the homes with an integrated approach to landscape and biodiversity.

This housing development incorporates general needs homes and over 55’s development. Creating a ‘Development for life’ concept which seeks to establish a lifelong community in which young couples can move into homes, expand into others in the site as their family grows, and then downsize as appropriate in their later years. Central to this concept is a series of landscape interventions, with separate spaces for all user types, but crucially a central community space in which the generations can mix and experience life together. The project also reflects Dalintober’s proud history of Scotch Whisky distillation through the use of copper, recycled from the copper stills in the adjacent distillery, to create feature elements on facades.

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