Retrofit and Strategic Asset Management Summit

article summit loreana and jon

March 20, 2024


We are attending the Retrofit and Strategic Asset Management Summit in London on the 20th of March

Loreana Padron, our Head of Sustainability, and Jon Abbott, the Director of Retrofit at Keegans, will be attending with other sector leaders from across the industry. They eagerly anticipate exploring crucial industry topics, including optimizing efficiency and savings, staying ahead of regulations, enhancing tenant relationships, strategic planning for the future, developing new partnerships and sharing these insights with the team and our valued customers.

ECD and Keegans are committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and driving positive change. We’re excited to share our insights, discuss the latest trends with other industry experts, and collectively shape the future of housing. Please reach out to Jon and Loreana to connect.

To find out more on the event follow the link below: