Building Centre- Family Day

Article - Comfy Homes

October 2, 2023


ECD supported the Building Centre with its Comfy Houses- Family Fun Day, an event provided as part of the Building Centre Retrofit23 Exhibition.

Our team- Suman Gurung, Laura Teixeira, Lucy Filamba, Gabriella Seminara, Katrina Thomas, Federica May Ranalli, Claire Raftery MCIAT and Loreana Padrón, led a series of hands-on experiments, activities, and presentation for all ages, addressing the topic of climate change and presenting retrofit solutions. The activities included a sieve and water experiment- illustrating the importance of air tightness and permeability, drawing activities to make the children more aware of the space they inhabit, and a retrofitting of a doll house activity which helped explain the different step and materials that are needed to retrofit a house.

The kids were engaged and seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was great to participate in such a successful community event – and have it turn out to be such fun!