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ECD #sponsorship of the Energy Plus Academy

Energy Plus Academy

June 15, 2021


ECD Architects is very pleased to have become a sponsor of the Energy Plus Academy. Energy Plus is an exciting new initiative by the London School of Economics (LSE) and the National Communities Resource Centre, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

This ‘Academy’, to be launched 1 July, is using its recognised expertise to bring together housing professionals, practitioners, policymakers, tenants and community groups to share knowledge and experience, build motivation, and develop viable action plans to combat climate change that will turn ideas into practice.

Through the Energy Plus Academy they will organise a series of 24-hour Think Tanks around key themes, highlighting both how we are contributing to climate change and the ways we can combat climate change and reduce its impacts.

Each Think Tank will help participants gather new information, share valuable ideas, and develop action plans to address environmental and energy saving problems in their communities and workplaces. Participants will learn how to make a difference and leave with a commitment and an action plan to do something to tackle climate change. Whether large or small, every action taken to combat climate change is important.

For details with regard to the academy please visit the LSE website: