Inchture Nursery School


A contemporary, sustainable nursery designed to complement the local Conservation Area

Location: Perthshire

Client: Perth & Kinross Council

Project Value: £1.5m

Status: Complete

Specialisation: Sustainable nursery within a conservation area

Inchture Nursery is located within the grounds of Inchture Primary School on a site bounded by giant Redwood trees planted in 1853 in a designated conservation area of Inchture village.  

The new single storey nursery has low-pitched roofs to reflect the form of the existing school building and overhanging canopies to provide solar shading and create sheltered external play areas with a modern aesthetic. 

The school materials were carefully selected to complement the existing school and wider village context with sustainability measures including ASHPs, MVHR and LED lighting resulting in the nursery achieving an EPC A rating. Grey standing seam roof and cladding echo the colour of traditional slate whilst offering a contemporary approach viewed favourably by the local planning department. 

A simple concept plan form was developed to create a building that is easy to understand and navigate. The main nursery play zone opens up to the external south-facing play area linking interior and exterior play areas. The plan is punctuated by natural light through the provision of clerestory windows and large glazed windows with attractive views to the external environment. 

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