Heriot Watt University Framework


Following a tender process in 2015, ECD Architects was appointed to the Heriot Watt University preferred supplier list. Once on this list, minicompetitions are issued based on a quality/cost ratio for each individual project.

Location: Edinburgh

Client: Heriot Watt University

Specialisation: Reorganisation of University Professional Services - Phase 1 Capital Projects Programme

To date, we have been successfully appointed to the following projects:

  • Robotarium – Redevelopment of an existing high voltage power laboratory and the Ocean Systems lab to provide a single, high quality research facility within the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS). Facility provides Interaction Spaces for humans and robots to work together in physically separate indoor spaces and Enabling Facilities comprising rapid prototyping and microassembly equipment for fabrication and inexpensive duplication of novel (bioinspired) robot embodiments, their sensors and their on-board computing – contract value £1.5m
  • G10 Laboratory, John Coulson Building – Refurbishment of existing NG.10 double height Lab area to create a new laboratory space, with installation of new mezzanine floor for future use of upper level. Full strip out of existing lab space including services and existing overhead crane. Included laboratory space for running core flooding and micromodel experiments, space for CT scanning different types of samples for research studies & laboratory staff office accommodation – contract value £1.5m
  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory, James Nasmyth Building – Refurbishment of existing open plan workshop to provide multi-use laboratory space, incorporating a flexible open plan area, designed to be easily adaptable to suit the differing needs of several departments – Contract value £600k
  • Laser Laboratory, Scott Russell Building – refurbishment of an existing office to a new Laser Laboratory – Contract value £200k

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