Ferrier Point


Client: London Borough of Newham
Project Value: £9.8m
Brief: tower block refurbishment
Sustainability Initiatives: Re-use of existing building, thermal upgrade to current building regs, Photo Voltec panels, condensing boilers

Located at the heart of the Canning Town and Custom House regeneration area, Ferrier Point has a strong presence on the skyline.

Ferrier Point’s communal areas at ground floor and gardens were underutilized and provided no enjoyment for residents. As part of the regeneration, the new entrance is fully glazed for transparency, is protected by defensible space, and is overlooked by the concierge for improved security.

Externally, the emphasis in the design brief was focused on creating a fresh contemporary image using modern materials and innovative overcladding technologies. The overcladding echos the existing horizontal emphasis of the east and west elevations. This is achieved by introducing strips of horizontal metal cladding. The cladding wraps around all four sides of the tower crossing the gable ends on the north and south elevations, making the ‘skin’ appear more homogeneous and breaks down the existing contrast between ‘front’ and ‘sides’. Contrasting cladding finishes are used to form a graphic pattern which again accentuates the wrapping effect and create a richer and more dynamic facade.

Functionally, the new overcladding system allowed for works to take place with minimal disruption to residents. Contractors were installing new windows and insulation to the façade in mid winter without exposing flats to the elements.


• Shortlisted: 3R Awards (Refurb, Rethink, Retrofit) Awards (Large) Housing Category