Our Policies


Environmental and Sustainability

ECD has a good track record on successful sustainable projects and we have a good understanding of (and a strong commitment to) sustainability principles and the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic factors. These principles inform our design process from feasibility to construction and beyond, and we work with our clients to tailor each new project a ‘Sustainability Agenda’ that informs the core brief and serves as a checklist throughout the design development which is incorporated into our Project Quality Plan.

Our approach to energy efficiency is based on the three tiered approach recommended in the London Energy Plan; namely first; reduce demand, second; utilise renewable energy and third; supply energy efficiently. In terms of demand reduction we have consistently designed to thermal insulation standards in excess of Building Regulations and we utilise the benefits of passive solar gain wherever possible.

We also have Code and BREEAM Assessors in-house who work closely with our architectural teams providing specialist input at all stages of design and construction and thus ensuring that the maximum points are achieved.


ECD Architects has in place a formal Quality Management System that accords with the principles set out in the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2000. Our Quality policy is available upon request for review.

Health and Safety

With health and safety being ever more at the forefront of what we do, ECD Architects' Health and Safety Policy dictates that as professionals and employers we act responsibly, safely and professionally, mindful always of the needs of our clients and our own people. Written policies for office and site works provide the platform for a safe and healthy working environment for our staff at all times.


ECD is committed to developing a working culture that is fair and enables all employees to make their distinctive contributions to the practice. We strive to be an equal opportunity employer and encourage all our employees to welcome diversity and respect each persons individuality. We believe that a positive attitude towards equality and diversity is right for society, the practice, our employees and our clients.  We continuously review our policies and practices to make sure they are appropriate and operating effectively.

Training and Development

ECD is fully committed to the development of our staff's potential and the principles of Investors in People. As a registered company of the Royal Institute of British Architects, our staff participate in a continuous professional development (CPD) scheme. The CPD sessions, which generally take the form of training from external sources, are offered to staff members in-house twice monthly and form the basic framework for employee personal development plans.

Our People

We aim to deliver high quality design solutions that meet the needs and exceed the aspirations of our clients.


ECD Architects is an award winning architectural practice committed to design excellence, sustainability and commercial reality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ECD Architects is committed to a set of core CSR principles.

Group Overview

ECD Architects is part of the N-Able Group. The N-Able Group provides a range of high quality architectural and building consultancy services focused on improving the environment we all live and work in.