Blue Lion Place


We are currently carrying out an in depth POE of our own office in order to address thermal comfort issues and investigate strategies to reduce our carbon footprint. The POE uses a number of methods to gather information:

  • Occupant satisfaction survey of staff using the BUS Methodology (BUS)
  • Monitoring internal temperatures using data loggers
  • Workshops with staff
  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Electrical equipment audit


The results of this experiment are being launched as part of Green Sky Thinking week 2015 and the recommendations implemented wherever possible. The key findings are:

– Thermal comfort is an issue with uncomfortable overheating much of the year
– As the organisation grows the amount of space is becoming constrained
– Noise preference varies among staff with some people distracted by the open plan environment
– The variety of work and great colleagues is what people like most about working here.

Based on these findings we are reviewing our heating and cooling strategy and will be working with UCL to look at strategies to reduce internal heat gains to minimise overheating. The POE also ties in with our commitment to improve our understanding of our environmental performance in accordance with ISO 14001.