ECD BIM Implementation Services

We have extensive experience working for the implementation of BIM with clients throughout the UK including:

  • Tops Club residential social housing scheme
  • Solomons Passage residential housing scheme
  • Solomons Passage refurbishment scheme
  • BIM Information Manager with Thurrock Council
  • BIM Information Manager with Westminster City Council
  • BIM Data Management of existing buildings for Wandle Housing

Benefits of BIM

  • Reduction in number of errors
  • Improved coordination and project planning
  • Reduction in clashes and conflicts during construction
  • Improved construction sequencing and alternative design evaluation
  • Significant reduction in RFIs and administration costs
  • Outstanding visualisation and presentation capabilities for sales and marketing
  • Accurate scheduling and construction material ordering
  • Improved planning, site operation and onsite logistics
  • Accurate cost and quantity take off estimations
  • 3D animations and walkthroughs
  • Detailed drawings for prefabrication 

ECD provision of BIM Services

We offer a broad range of BIM services to improve productivity from concept development, through to construction and facilities and building lifecycle management in the following key areas.

1. BIM Consulting - Our experience in delivering BIM projects enables us to provide clients with expert consulting services and advice.

  • BIM Adoption Strategy
  • BIM Training 
  • Preparation of Employers Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Production of detailed BIM Execution Plans (BEP)
  • Model Management, Co-ordination and Validation

We work with our clients to incorporate project wide best practices for modelling and documentation, mapping out processes, managing tasks, documenting setups and implementing quality control procedures to minimise risk and produce high quality outcomes.

2. BIM Information Management - We work with our clients providing this role on their BIM level 2 projects and support the development of internal training to clients who wish to develop their knowledge in managing projects in the future. This role requires ECD Architects to provide the following services:

  • Common Data Environment Management
  • Project Information Management
  • Collaborative working, information exchange and project team management

3. BIM for Construction - Construction has become increasingly complex, with tighter schedules and budgets. ECD Architects support contractors in enabling BIM  to streamline workflows, maintain more accurate information, and keep BIM construction projects moving forward more predictably while helping reduce information queries.

4. BIM Data Management - The ‘information’ part of BIM is the most important but difficult part to get right. It is the ability to capture, manage and re-use building related data and integrate the data with internal systems already in use.

This access to information enables the relevant people to adapt and improve the efficiency of the buildings they are responsible for. A good data management system means you can avoid wasteful activities such as:

  • waiting and searching for information
  • repeatedly reproducing the same data for use in different projects
  • removing human error

What is BIM?

BIM is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.


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Keegans BIM Services

Thanks to our sister company Keegans, our BIM services can expand to include quantity surveyors, asset managers, project managers, principal designers and building surveyors.