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Planning permission granted for Nevendon Place!

May 23, 2022


Planning permission granted for Nevendon Place, providing 10 new homes for Borough rough sleepers in Basildon. ECD were appointed by the Council to retrofit a former adult learning facility into new homes with a further six self-contained SoloHaus MMC homes installed on-site, generously gifted by Hill Group UK. Working with key stakeholders including the Salvation Army, this will significantly increase people being able to live in safe, secure homes and no longer living on the streets.

The site plan developed by Hill and ECD Architects seeks to deliver high quality external spaces, to encourage ownership and connectivity with the nature. Within the landscaping, raised beds provide opportunity for gardening and vegetable growing, raising awareness of food and where it comes from. Not only will the residents be provided with a secure home for up to 3 years, but also enabled to cultivate their surroundings as part of a community

Communal gardening, for food or flowers, connect residents with a shared hobby, a collective interest and a fulfilling reward to look forward to.

We are excited to see the scheme develop on site and are grateful to be apart of such an important development.

Chairman of the Housing and Estate Renewal Committee Councillor Andrew Schrader said: “The scheme aims to provide our residents affected by homelessness with a home. Receiving support, vocational training and the skills required to be able to move on and sustain their own tenancy, they will get the opportunity to turn their lives around.”