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Loreana Padron Speaking At ‘Building Healthy Homes For The Future’ Roundtable

November 18, 2021


ECD’s Head of Sustainability Loreana Padrón will be speaking at Inside Housing‘s “Building healthy homes of the future” roundtable on Thursday the 18th of November.

In 2019 the government committed to achieving carbon net zero by 2050. The transition to reaching this goal will be a challenge for the housing sector, however as social landlords manage five million properties, accounting for around 14% of greenhouse gases according to the Climate Change Committee, their contribution is vital.

The event will ask how the sector can formulate a strategy to work towards the governments targets, how might technology help compliance and property services’ teams to monitor compliance, safety and wellness; how to introduce a behavioural change of the user; and what might the sustainable and healthy homes of the future look like.