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James Traynor interviewed by Inside Housing

August 16, 2021


Managing Director James Traynor was interviewed by Inside Housing alongside Emily Braham and Matt Hickman about the Pilot Retrofit Project we are working on with VINCI Facilities Building Solutions. The article highlights how the project is refining how to cut energy use and carbon emissions.

‘With five million social rent properties in the UK, the sector can make a huge contribution to the 2050 net zero target. Inside Housing speaks to Emily Braham at Energiesprong UK, James Traynor at ECD Architects and Matt Hickman at Vinci Facilities, to find out how their collaboration can make a difference.’

Emily Braham, head of strategy at Energiesprog UK believes the UK is too reliant on grant funding and that there is a need for market-based solutions that finance retrofits. Both Matt and James discuss how they are thinking about achieving net-zero housing retrofits using Passivhaus design and innovation.

To read the full interview visit:
Inside Housing – Sponsored – Pilot retrofit project is refining how to cut energy use and carbon emissions