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Image of James Traynor with his newly published book: EnerPHit - a step by step to retrofit

NEW from RIBA Publishing: EnerPHit – A Step by Step Guide to Low Energy Retrofit

November 28, 2019


We are pleased to announce James Traynor’s book EnerPHit: a step by step to retrofit has now been published and is available from RIBA Publishing as well as major retailers.

EnerPHit, pioneered by the Passivhaus Institute, is the gold standard of performance for existing buildings. James Traynor’s practical EnerPHit guide provides architects and designers the tools to retrofit our existing buildings to demonstrate what is possible and help the UK meet its crucial carbon reduction commitments. To meet the ambitious target of reaching carbon zero by 2050, or much earlier, building owners across the UK will be required to upgrade their buildings to adhere to increasingly stringent energy performance requirements.

So far, there has been no clear advice from UK Government on how these requirements can be achieved, but the EnerPHit standard offers a very clear methodology. Nearly 20% of UK carbon emissions are attributed to the heating and cooling of buildings. By tackling our inefficient stock, we can address both carbon emissions and fuel poverty, whilst providing improved thermal comfort and a healthier environment.

“Retrofitting our current, much loved buildings that we live and work in can improve them for future use and enable us to work tangibly toward the bigger goal of reducing climate change, for generations to come.”

Equipping the reader with key information on EnerPHit, the book provides both architects and policymakers a practical understanding of the most effective benchmark for building performance. Backed with real-life case studies, it enables architects to understand how to achieve successful outcomes that are tailored to suit available budgets and programmes.