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Walton Court Commended at AVDC Design Awards

December 4, 2017


The regeneration of Walton Court has received a special commendation at the Aylesbury Vale District Council Design Awards for Solving Anti-social Behaviour through Design.

Guest judge and local architect Norman Bragg, whose works include the Waterside Theatre, praised the team for the ambitious project, saying ‘You have achieved something that I wish I had in my life. You have built something that changed lives.’

Commissioned by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust and designed by ECD Architects, the regeneration of Walton Court addresses issues of anti-social behaviour, connectivity, health and well-being, whilst rebranding the Centre as a desirable place to live and be. The retail units were relocated face outward t creating an open an active street frontage, encouraging its connection with wider community whilst enabling the enclosure of the courtyard as a secure private garden for residents. The Conversion of the old retail space into additional homes provides much needed affordable housing on the estate. Refurbishment works to the Centre’s existing structure included external wall insulation, door and window replacements, and other upgrades. These improve the Centre’s external appearance and energy efficiency as well as resident satisfaction and wellbeing.

James Traynor, Managing Director at ECD commented upon the schemes success: “Walton Court has been an incredibly challenging and yet incredibly rewarding project to all those involved, but especially for the residents of Walton Court. The complete transformation envisaged in the original design has been achieved through the hard work and determination of all involved but especially our client Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust. The existing building has been turned inside out with new housing and modern retail and community facilities provided to serve the wider community. Regeneration with residents insitu and multiple stakeholders can be a messy and complicated process but the results demonstrate the outstanding benefits that can be achieved.”

Jon Hobbs, Head of Development, Property and Development at Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust noted: “The Regeneration of Walton Court was not a glamourous or prestigious project but has made a difference to local people and made somewhere known for crime and anti-social behaviour a safe and pleasant place to be. The regeneration has transformed the centre both as a place to live and a place to visit and housed more families in the process. It has been a long road and we would like to thank the people of Walton Court for bearing with us though the project and judges at AVDC for recognising the difference it has made.”  

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