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Lochgelly Town Centre Shortlisted TWICE for the PlaceMaking Awards

March 14, 2016


We are pleased to announce that the Lochgelly Town Centre regeneration project has been shortlisted for the PlaceMaking Awards 2016.

In fact it has been shortlisted twice; once for the award for promoting economic growth, and once for the Regional Scotland Awards.

The PlaceMaking awards recognise projects which can evidence that they have improved or are likely to improve the physical or environmental quality of a place or the economic or social well-being of a community.

The Regeneration of Lochgelly was undertaken using a holistic approach which has addressed issues of housing as well as training and development, and business development to rejuvenate the local community and stimulate the local economy. These include new build housing to address issues of fuel poverty and improve resident accommodation, the renovation of the town centre Miners Institute building to provide training and development facilities for the local community, a new business centre as an incubator to support start up and developing companies, and the conversion of a derelict church facility to create a state-of-the art climbing facility to bring people into the area.

The success of these projects can already be felt in the town. For example the business centre is now home to 16 business employing and excess of 80 individuals. Six of these are new companies started by local residents and all of these businesses have helped spur further local economic activity outwith its walls as a number of the tenant businesses have now linked with existing local suppliers and groups for mutual benefit. For example, one tenant now has their own shop close to the centre from where they trade whilst others have integrated with local businesses for sub-contracting works.

Reviewing the project entries, the judges will further be looking for the following general qualities:

  • Originality
  • The potential for long-lasting impact
  • Planned or actual involvement of, and benefit to, local people or community
  • Best practice in planning or implementation
  • Value for money and/or financial viability

The Economic Growth award will then go to the project, plan or initiative that is considered to have most benefited, or to be most likely to benefit, a place or community by contributing directly to sustained economic growth in it. Entries must be able to demonstrate how they have promoted (or plan to promote) significant economic growth, and how this has benefited (or is planned to benefit) a place or a community.

Winners for the award categories will be announced at a gala event at Savoy Place, London on 29 June.