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GreenSky Thinking Seminar: Retrofit & the Importance of Independent Advice

March 7, 2016


ECD Architects will be hosting a seminar event ‘Retrofit & the Importance of Independent Advice’ as part of GreenSky Thinking Week.

We will be holding this seminar as two sessions within our London office on Monday 25 April:

  • Session 1: 10 am to 12 pm
  • Session 2: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

GreenSky Thinking is a week long, London-wide events programme for built environment and property professionals highlighting innovative thinking and practice on how we ‘design in’ sustainability for London. The programme is managed by Open-City, London’s leading architecture education organisation.

This seminar will review the importance of independent advice in small home retrofits. Using our soon to be completed SMART Homes / Green Deal Communities project as a case study, the seminar discussion will focus upon:

  • Addressing issues of trust
  • The importance of a whole house approach
  • Project Coordination & Management
  • Contractor / Supplier Team Creation

The Green Deal Communities programme was funded by Department of Energy & Climate Change and involved six London Boroughs led by Haringey. It offered GD communities funding to homeowners for a range of eligible retrofit measures designed to provide a ‘whole house retrofit solution’. The target for this project is solid wall properties (e.g. built before the 1930s), with the grant covering mainly solid wall insulation, but also boiler replacements, window replacement, ventilation systems etc.

ECD had a very unusual role in this project, visiting each property and providing independent advice to homeowners, producing standard specifications, coordinating the works with Haringey Council and contractors. We had to approve each quotation and check the value for money of each application. With completion for all sites scheduled in March 2016, Homeowners are already providing feedback on the measures installed and providing generally positive feedback as to the improved cost savings and comfort of their homes.

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