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The National Urban Design Conference 2015

September 16, 2015


Come join us at the National Urban Design Conference where James Traynor will be discussing the means of doing retrofit properly without breaking the bank!

Date: 9 October 2015
Location: Bristol – The SS Great Britain Museum and Conference Centre

Using the ECD Wilmcote House EnerPHit project as an example, James will be illustrating how a local authority employed PassivHaus methodology to super-insulate a failing high rise building, and set a new standard in energy efficiency, whilst providing a cost-effective long term solution which met the needs of the residents and landlord.

Wilmcote House is a £13m retrofit of an 11-storey three block development to the EnerPHit PassivHaus standard using ‘Eco Funding’ in Portsmouth. Highly innovative, the project was shortlisted for the Constructing Excellence Awards 2015 and was featured in Building Magazine on 21 August.

The Urban Design Conference a two day conference for all professionals, politicians and academics involved in design and development. It is being held this year on the 8th and 9th of October with a on “how developers and society can profit from well-designed towns and cities.”

Topics include:

• Political leadership for better towns and cities
• Design Quality and Value
• The changing economy of towns
• Resilient towns and Cities
• Bristol European Green Capital – What it means in practice
• Climate change and the scope for new energy sources
• Better health through the built environment
• Linking health, social care and place
• Governance, Planning and the role of the public sector – Shaping cities or just allocating sites?
• The City as Master Developer
• Using data to improve the way cities are designed, developed and operated
• Unlocking access to long-term investment opportunities
• Profiting from development – short or long term returns
• Profit for everyone? – What landowners, house owners, property developers think…

For more information visit the event website: